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Odinsa, concessions company of Grupo Argos, is a Colombian company dedicated to the structuring, promotion, management and development of road and airport infrastructure projects, with presence in Colombia, Ecuador, Aruba and the Dominican Republic, which has become a vehicle for regional connectivity and a source of development.

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Odinsa Airports stand out for reducing the carbon footprint: Mariscal Sucre Airport was declared carbon neutral, and El Dorado Airport advanced to the reduction level

Grupo Argos’s concession company, Odinsa, ratified its commitment to sustainability and generating shared value through the implementation of climate change mitigation initiatives at its concessions. Mariscal Sucre became the first international airport to have reached carbon footprint neutrality in Latin America. El Dorado was certified at level 2 – Reduction by the Airport Carbon Accreditation of […]

Odinsa reported a successful bonds issue of USD 415 million for El Dorado Airport, as well as positive results in the first quarter of 2019

Grupo Argos’s concession company posted EBITDA of COP 274,618 million, net profit of COP 76 billion, and revenue in excess of COP 399 billion.   Over 14 million vehicles traveled on its concession roads, and nearly 19 million passengers passed through its airports in the first quarter. In the second half of the year, the company will […]

Odinsa highlighted management of Autopistas del Café in the first half of 2019

The concession closed the first half of the year with a positive balance and traffic of over 5 million vehicles. At this point in 2019, over 100,000 people have visited its user assistance centers (Tambos) and just over 3,600 travelers used their assistance services. Autopistas del Café also reported progress in Addendum 20 with the […]

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Odinsa - Autopista del Café
Odinsa - Autopistas del Nordeste
Odinsa - BTA - Boulevard turístico del Atlántico
Odinsa - La Pintada
Odinsa - Concesión vial de los Llanos

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