16 youths from the Province of Cartama graduate as Environmental Technicians to lead the care of the ecosystems in the region

  • The youths are part of the first group of beneficiaries of the Cartama Seedbed project, which seeks to contribute to the development of southeastern Antioquia by training youth on environmental care and management.
  • The youths will join the workforce to cover skilled labor requirements in the region to develop the Sustainable Cartama Alliance Project.
  • The Cartama Seedbed project is a partnership between the foundations of Grupo Argos, Aurelio Llano, Julio C. Hernández, Comfama, SENA, Cartama Province and the Concession of La Pintada, responsible for the Conexión Pacífico 2 project.

With 16 youths from southeastern Antioquia graduating as Environmental Technicians, the Cartama Seedbed partnership made available to the region the first cohort of skilled labor to work on the Cartama project, which promotes the recovery of the forests on the banks of the Cartama River by planting 300,000 trees in 2021 by Grupo Argos in the framework of the Unidos por el Planeta (United for the Planet) initiative signed with the office of the governor of Antioquia.

During 3 semesters, the youths received training from experts on topics such as solid waste management and integrated management of water resources and of the territory. The students had the opportunity to obtain practical professional experience by supporting reforesting activities, advising communities on good environmental practices and environmental education workshops with children and retailers in the region.  They also received one-year licenses for learning platforms to consolidate their bilingual skills.

We are convinced on the transformational role of education in the development of the territories, and for this reason we celebrate the graduation of this first cohort of scholarship beneficiaries who, starting today, will lead in the care of the forests and ecosystems in their region, becoming our partners to promote sustainable development in southeastern Antioquia.”

María Camila Villegas

Operations Director of Fundación Grupo Argos

Aware of the importance of educating people in the region to work in favor of their territory in line with the good sustainability practices of our majority partner Odinsa, we are betting on education as the key pillar to promote development. The southeast is a powerful region that stands out for its drive and the warmth of its people. These youth who graduate today demonstrate that the learning process is ongoing and that it creates huge opportunities when people are committed to it.”

Gustavo Bernal

Manager of Concesión La Pintada. 

“For Fundación Aurelio Llano Posada it is very important to train rural youth in relevant topics for their territories of origin, which enables them to consolidate their roots with the territory where they were born, while at the same time providing them opportunities for professional and personal development. Because of this, the graduation of 16 youths in Environmental Technology, who we supported with other organizations and companies that are present in the area of Cartama, fills us with pride. To the youths and their families, receive our recognition and congratulations.”

Iván Darío Sánchez Hoyos

Executive Director of Fundación Aurelio Llano Posada   

We believe that the sustainable development of a territory is promoted by recognizing the human talent, the wealth of a biodiverse territory, and by working for local employment. Offering opportunities and tools to build life projects in the regions of Antioquia is the decision this group of institutions has made. Today we are planting seeds to continue strengthening talent in the southeast. We hope these trees will grow and to continue planting many more.” 

Mauricio Pérez Salazar

Responsible for regions at Comfama.

This project is one of several initiatives undertaken by the partners, in coordination with the local mayors, to promote development in the region and contribute to the conservation of strategic ecosystems while providing opportunities for education and employment. 

On its part, Fundación Grupo Argos will continue to provide opportunities to youth from the region to have access to educational programs on the environment, sustainable cattle ranching, agricultural sciences and natural resources. 

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