About Us

Odinsa, the Concessions Company of Grupo Argos

We are a Colombian company dedicated to the structuring, promotion, development and management of road and airport infrastructure projects. We develop strategic connections that create opportunities and contribute to the competitiveness and connectivity of the regions.

The human and technical quality of our team, combined with our responsible practices, experience, high standards of corporate governance and commitment to sustainability have positioned us as one of the most relevant companies in the sector. We have also consolidated our position as a solid investment vehicle, and as an efficient manager and originator of infrastructure projects.

We are present in Colombia, Ecuador and Aruba through five road and two airport projects. We also undertake Private Initiatives aimed at contributing to the progress of the territories, anticipating their needs and providing solutions.

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Odinsa was founded by construction and engineering companies.


Awarding of the first road concessions to ODINSA.


  • Santa Marta – Riohacha – Paraguachón (1994).
  • Autopistas de Los Llanos (1994).
  • Autopistas del Café (1997).
  • First international project: Autopistas del Nordeste, Dominican Republic.
  • First bond issuance in the Colombian market for USD 20 million, with AA+ rating.
  • Shares listed in the Colombian Securities Exchange.
  • Awarding of Aeropuerto El Dorado concession.
  • Awarding of Boulevard Turístico del Atlántico, Dominican Republic.
  • Awarding of Autopistas de las Américas.
  • Awarding of the toll management contract for Invías, nationwide.
  • Awarding in Aruba: Green Corridor
  • Awarding of the Pacífico 2 concession. First 4G award
  • Completion of the acquisition of 50% of Quiport.
  • Grupo Argos acquires 54.75% of Odinsa.
  • Change in management, company renamed Odinsa S.A. and headquarters moved to Medellín.
  • Change in corporate image aligned with our parent company.
  • Increase of stake in concessions in the Dominican Republic from 42% to 67.5%.
  • Grupo Argos consolidated an equity interest of 98.55%
  • Acquisition of equity interest of 53% in the Túnel Aburrá Oriente concession.
  • Issuance of ordinary bonds for COP 280,000 million in Túnel Aburrá Oriente.

  • Partnership with Macquarie Assets Management to create a road assets platform in Colombia and the region.
  • Odinsa acquires an additional 30% equity interest in Concesión Vial de los Llanos (Malla Vial del Meta), for total shareholdings of 81% in this concession.
  • Divestment of the concessions in Dominican Republic: Autopistas del Nordeste and Boulevard Turístico del Atlántico.
  • Odinsa achieves refinancing of its Pacífico 2 concession for COP 840 billion through a loan with social certification.
  • Jointly with the Office of the Governor of Antioquia, an announcement was made to begin budgetary studies to expand the Túnel de Oriente connection and its supplementary roads.
  • Consolidation of the strategic partnership with Maquarie Asset Management and launch of the investment platform operations.