Super Financial Authorization

Odinsa S.A. reports that today he was notified by the Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia the Resolution No. 0628 of June 1, 2022, whereby the said entity authorized a business reorganization operation consisting of a spin-off of its road assets located in Colombia.

As indicated on September 2, 2021, Odinsa S.A. has been creating a platform for investment of road assets. The constitution of said platform is advanced by virtue of a strategic alliance entered into with Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (“MIRA”) and its affiliate, Macquarie Infrastructure Partners V (“MIP V”), a private infrastructure fund focused on the Americas, managed by Macquarie Asset Management (“MAM”), one of the largest infrastructure managers in the world. The strategic alliance includes the sale and contribution of its shareholdings in the road concessions to the platform, which includes the creation of a private capital fund in which they will participate Odinsa and MIP V and whose professional manager is a subsidiary of Odinsa that was established for this purpose.

For this purpose, the companies signed a contract for the sale of shares and assets that contemplates the necessary operations for the constitution of the platform of investment, whose closing and improvement is subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions precedents, among which is the aforementioned authorization from the Superintendencia Financiera.

The investment platform will manage Odinsa’s current road assets in Colombia, wich includes La Pintada S.A.S. Concession, Aburrá Oriente S.A. Tunnel Concession, Autopistas del Cafe S.A. and Concesión Vial de los Llanos S.A.S., with a consolidated valuation close to COP 4.3 trillion; would manage the private initiatives that Odinsa has been leading to date in the road sector in Colombia, among which are the IP Perimetral de la Sabana and the IP Central Connection, as well as the eventual expansion of the Aburrá Oriente Tunnel concession, which in If awarded, they would have significant financial backing and the technical strength for its management and, additionally, it would continue to explore other opportunities to create value through the development of new projects.

IR publicación tercera Convocatoria Asamblea TB_Alianza

Odinsa S.A. informs that today, March 18, 2022, the third call for the Assembly of Bondholders issued by Odinsa S.A. was published in the newspaper La República. in August 2017, which will take place remotely on April 4 at 9:00 AM:

IR Approval Quota Credits 2022

Odinsa S.A. informs that the Board of Directors in its ordinary meeting today, authorized for the year 2022, the permanent revolving indebtedness quotas, for different credit operations, with different entities in order to guarantee financial flexibility to the company.

In this sense, existing bank loans and intercompany loans may be renewed, as well as replaced; In addition, carry out derivative operations, as follows:

• Bank loans: Renew current credit operations with the same entities or with any other financial entity for a maximum value of up to COP 218 billion, disbursable in pesos or dollars.
• Intercompany Credits: Approve the quota for loans or operations with related companies for up to USD 40 million or its equivalent in pesos.
• Derivatives: Approve a quota of derivative operations with any financial entity for a maximum value of up to USD 145 million.

It should be noted that the above authorizations are requested if required, but they correspond to simple quotas, which may or may not be used, depending on the Company’s needs.

IR transmission EEFF third trimester

Odinsa S.A., informs that under the regulatory technical framework based on the International Financial Information Standards-IFRS, it transmitted to the Financial Superintendence of Colombia, the following consolidated and separate Financial Statements, as of September 30, 2021, as follows:

(i) Statements of Financial Position
(ii) Statement of Comprehensive Income
(iii) Statement of other comprehensive income
(iv) Statement of Cash Flows, and,
(v) Statement of Changes in Equity