Celsia and Odinsa launch in El Dorado the largest airport solar energy project in Latin America

  • The El Dorado airport will be powered with energy generated by 10,000 solar panels.
  • EThe system will generate about 12% of the air terminal’s energy consumption and prevent the emission of 1,375 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to the oxygen released by 76,000 fully grown trees.
  • The airport will have the largest photovoltaic installation in Latin America for air terminals and will be included in the exclusive list of nearly 8 airports in the region that use solar energy.

Bogotá, September 21_ Celsia and Odinsa, companies of Grupo Argos, joined forces to illuminate El Dorado, the country’s main airport, with energy generated by the sun, positioning it as a “green” airport standard in the region. The alliance of both companies embraces the best sustainability practices in the sector: energy efficiency and environmental impact.

In a meeting chaired by the Minister of Mines and Energy, María Fernanda Suárez, and the Minister of Transport, ÁngelaMaría Orozco, joined by Ricardo Sierra, President of Celsia, Mauricio Ossa, President of Odinsa, and Álvaro González, Manager of Opain, the launch of the project, which will begin in the first quarter of 2019, was formally announced, and the first solar panel of the Airport was symbolically signed.

The system, which initiated its installation at El Dorado airport, will have 10,369 solar panels, corresponding to 27,000 m2 of area, the size of more than 20 Olympic swimming pools. The power capacity will be 2,800 kWp, and the annual energy production will be 3,800,000 kWh, the same as the energy consumed by 1,500 homes. Multiple studies and evaluations supported by the Civil Aeronautics were carried out for the execution of this project.

Since 2016, both companies have been working together on this plan, which is based on the best sustainability practices in the sector: energy efficiency and environmental impact.

“This installation is the most iconic photovoltaic project in regard to airports in Latin America, and is also the reflection of a joint vision of sustainability that begins at the El Dorado airport and that will extend to all other projects in which we are currently involved. It is rewarding to be able to measure the scope of this alliance and the positive environmental impact that it has. In a few months, El Dorado will be able to generate an estimated 12% of energy consumption of the air terminal,” stated Mauricio Ossa, President of Odinsa.

For Ricardo Sierra, President of Celsia: “We are very excited to be able to bring solar energy and a number of additional energy efficiency benefits to the country’s main airport. It has been a project of great challenges from the beginning, especially because of aeronautical safety issues, making it a technically advanced process. Carrying out this project with Odinsa, a company like us, an affiliate of Grupo Argos, means a step further in the organization’s clear vision to leverage all synergies for the benefit of our clients.

This is how Celsia remains the energy efficiency ally of its clients. Its portfolio includes the development of solar projects with a business model, in which it undertakes the investment in assets and ensures the assembly, operation and maintenance of the system, allowing its clients and allies to focus their attention and investment in the essence of their business, thereby leaving energy issues to experts.

El Dorado, green airport

The implementation of this initiative will prevent the emission of 1,375 tons of CO2, which equals the oxygen released by 76,000 fully grown trees. Other relevant aspects having an environmental impact include: lower temperature in the terminal, as a result of the panels located on the roof, making it more efficient in its energy consumption, and recyclable material used in the panels, thereby contributing to the reduction of carbon footprint.

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