Decisions by the Board of Directors

Medellin, March 26, 2019.

Subject: Decisions by the Board of Directors

Today, the Board meeting authorized to grant a guarantee for Loans from the Constructor Farallones consortium up to sixty million pesos (COP 60,000,000,000), with the objective of covering the needs of working capital that could appear in said consortium. Odinsa has a participation equal to the 50% in the constructor consortium Farallones which is advancing the construction of the road project called Conexión Pacífico 2 (98 Km), which includes the construction, maintenance and operation of the new highway La Pintada-Bolombolo, and the rehabilitation, maintenance and operation of the highway La Pintada – Primavera (Antioquia), which is operated by Concesión La Pintada SAS. This work is part of the first group of fourth generation concessions in Colombia and in conjunction with Pacific 1 and 3 will connect the north of the country with Antioquia, the coffee zone, the Valle del Cauca and the Colombian Pacific.