cut-off dates

Suppliers are important allies who contribute to the development of our projects and activities under high standards of quality, safety and sustainability.


We establish business relationships that promote joint growth and shared responsibility, interacting under an equitable, clear and transparent framework that strengthens trust, long-term sustainability and is beneficial to companies, people and the environment.


Invoicing cut-off dates


In order to assure a coordinated purchasing process, here we will share information on the invoicing process you should take into consideration if you are one of our suppliers.

  • Invoices can only be filed if they contain the Purchase Order number, which must be reported by each contract supervisor. If the invoice does not contain this information, the Document Management Center (DMC) will proceed to reject it.
  • Submission of physical invoice: until the 24th day of each month, or the previous business day if the 24th is on a weekend or holiday.
  • Submission of electronic invoices: Up to the last day of the month. It must be sent to the e-mail address (as the case may be):

    Odinsa S.A:

    Odinsa PI:


Invoices must be dated within the current month.