Odinsa presented the private sector initiative for Cartagena new airport to local and national authorities

  • During a private meeting held today, March 21, the Minister and the Deputy Minister of Transport, the governors of Bolivar and Atlántico, the mayor of Cartagena, ANI Executive and Contract Management Vice-Presidents and the Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena knew the details about the private sector initiative for Cartagena new airport.
  • In its first construction phase, the project, which will have an estimated investment of USD $600 million, will allow transporting more than 9 million passengers per year.
  • During the meeting, it was reported that Skytrax granted an award to El Dorado and Mariscal Sucre international airports, in Colombia and Ecuador respectively, which are managed under the concession scheme by Odinsa, majority partner of Cartagena new airport.

Medellin, March 21, 2018. Odinsa, a concession company of Grupo Argos, in collaboration with its partners Conecta Caribe, Novus Civitas y Cartagenera de Desarrollo, presented the private sector initiative for Cartagena new airport, which seeks to promote tourism, boost the economy and contribute to the Caribbean region and the country’s competitiveness.  This initiative was presented to Germán Cardona, Minister of Transport; Cesar Peñalosa, Deputy Minister of Transport; Dumek Turbay, Governor of Bolivar; Eduardo Ignacio Verano, Governor of Atlántico; Sergio Londoño, Mayor of Cartagena, María Claudia Páez, Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of Commerce; Luis Fernando Mejía, ANI Executive Vice-president; and Leonidas Narváez, ANI Contract Management Vice-President.

During a private meeting held today, March 21 in Cartagena, these bodies’ representatives acquired first-hand knowledge about the benefits and features of the project that will be strategically located, 24 km from the Historic Center and with access through Vía al Mar and La Cordialidad roads.  Also, in its first phase, it will have a 3,100 x 45 meters runway, a passenger terminal, a parallel taxiway and a platform with boarding bridges and remote positions.

This new airport will align with the dynamics of regional development, will strengthen the passenger traffic capacity in the medium and long-term, and will offer a first class infrastructure to the thousands of Colombians and foreigners who visit the city everyday” noted Mauricio Ossa, President of Odinsa that currently manages, under the concession scheme, El Dorado and Mariscal Sucre international airports in Colombia and Ecuador respectively, nowadays acknowledged among the best airports of the world by Skytrax World Airport Awards.

In the first construction phase, the airport will have the capacity to move more than 9 million passengers and it could reach up to 30 million passengers-capacity per year in its end phase.

About the project partners

The managing group formed by Conecta Caribe, Cartagenera de Desarrollo, Novus Civitas, and Odinsa, has extensive experience for the development of this macro project and national and international experts in the development of airport complexes and structuring of projects.

Conecta Caribe is the managing firm of the project to develop an airport and logistic complex in Cartagena; which is managed by Rodrigo Araujo, a Cartagena-born entrepreneur who has extensive experience in the tourist sector and in the structuring of macro projects.

Cartagenera de Desarrollo, led by Sergio Espinosa Posada, associated with Rafael Espinosa & Cía., General Agent and Operator of Ground Handling for Avianca and other airlines in Cartagena and Barranquilla for more than 25 years.

Novus Civitas, has recognized expertise in the development of macro urban and property projects, such as Serena del Mar, a thousand-hectares development which has become a national and international benchmark of quality of life and urban planning.

On the other hand, Odinsa has become a vehicle for regional connectivity and a source of development.  Its investment strategy focuses on value creation and capture, through the structuring, promotion, management and development of infrastructure projects.  The company is one of the largest developers of infrastructure in Latin America, with operations in Colombia, Ecuador, Aruba and Dominican Republic.

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