Odinsa receives the IR Issuer Recognition from the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia

  • This ratification from the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC), to the concession company of Grupo Argos, reflects the robustness and trust that this company generates in the financial sector and transfers to its concessions.
  • This recognition coincides with the recent presentation of LatinFinance’s Best Loan award, which highlights Pacífico 2’s financing process as the most important transaction in Latin America.

Medellín, October 9, 2018_As a result of its good practices in terms of disclosure of information and relationship with investors, Odinsa, a concession company of Grupo Argos, was granted the IR Issuer Recognition by the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia.

This recognition seeks to make Colombia a more attractive market for investment, ensuring, among other things, that issuers publish their financial statements quarterly, maintain a continuous communication with investors to meet their requests or requirements, and have a representative to address their queries. In this sense, Odinsa has been leading in its sector the implementation of good practices that ensure that both investors and public opinion know in a transparent way the financial status of the company and each one of its concessions.

“Thanks to the good corporate governance practices integrated in our management and aligned with Grupo Argos, we have positioned ourselves in the sector as a reliable company for the market, with open communication channels that offer the opportunity of information to our investors for decision making,” tated Mauricio Ossa, President of Odinsa.

 The IR Issuer Recognition to Odinsa comes along with the recent award as Best Loan from LatinFinance for the successful financing process of Pacífico 2 and the AA-(col) rating of Odinsa’s Ordinary Bonds, with a stable outlook by Fitch Ratings, one of the three main risk rating agencies worldwide. These facts show trust in the strategic course taken by the company, thereby establishing itself as a solid investment vehicle in Latin America.

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