Odinsa supports the Coffee region with a common Infrastructure Agenda

  • Last Monday May 28th, the Transportation Minister, the President of the ANI, the Coffee Region Governors and the President of Odinsa met in Armenia to discuss the main challenges the region has in terms of infrastructure.
  • The event which also had the presence of the Presidents of the Chambers of Commerce of Pereira, Armenia and Manizales, ratified the commitment that Odinsa has with Autopistas del Café and the total region.
  • Odinsa which is a concession company of Argos Holding is the majority shareholder of Autopistas del Café. The concession is composed of 270 km that cross the departments of Quindío, Risaralda, Caldas and Norte del Valle.

May 30th, 2018. On Monday, May 28th, the Forum for the Managers of the Chamber of Commerce was held in the city of Armenia. It was attended by: the minister of transport Germán Cardona, the governor
of Quindío Carlos Eduardo Osorio, the governor of Risaralda Sigifredo Salazar, the governor of Caldas Guido Echeverry, the president of the ANI Dimitri Zaninovich, the president of Odinsa Mauricio Ossa and the presidents of the Chambers of Commerce of the three capital cities, as well as the members of the educational and business community of the coffee region.

The main challenges regarding infrastructure for the medium and long-term were discussed during the event for the three departments. Likewise, a joint review was agreed between the ANI and the governors in order to identify future priority projects for Autopistas del Café since there are more than 110,000 million available resources.

The president of Odinsa Mauricio Ossa socialized before the Ministry of Transport, the ANI and the main leaders of the region about the management carried out by the concession of Autopistas del Café throughout the history, highlighting the solidity and seriousness with which they have developed the infrastructure projects and the commitment acquired with the progress of the Coffee Region. Finally, he also mentioned the more than 300 monthly campaigns carried out on road safety and more than 70,000 timely services provided by the concession that have positively impacted its inhabitants.

“As a business group we have the calling to be a good corporate citizen; a serious, solid and transparent organization that acts under high standards of sustainability and good corporate governance. We will continue deploying these values in the Coffee Region in order to provide quality road corridors at the service of the communities, “said Ossa.

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