Operations Control Center of Pacífico 2 and Mazzanti won ArchDaily’s ODA 2020 international architecture award

  • This iconic work, designed by the prominent Colombian architect Giancarlo Mazzanti, came in first place from among close to 1,000 architecture projects submitted in Latin America and Spain.
  • It received the award for being an architectural work that contributes to solving local needs and improves the quality of life of the residents of southeast Antioquia.
  • Odinsa, the majority shareholder of Pacífico 2, congratulated the Mazzanti team and its La Pintada concession for this award, which represents a recognition to its commitment to developing sustainable infrastructure. 
  • The Operations Control Center, currently known as Plaza del Cauca, is a space for community use that set a milestone in the development of fourth generation (4G) infrastructure projects in the country.

Medellín, April 2022. Odinsa, the concessions company of Grupo Argos, reported that the Operations Control Center (OCC) of its 4G project Pacífico 2, designed by the prominent Colombian architect Giancarlo Mazzanti, won the first place in the 2022 Work of the Year Award (ODA, by the Spanish original), granted by the publisher ArchDaily.

The OCC, currently known as Plaza del Cauca, has become a milestone for the Colombian infrastructure industry. It was a project that made a difference in road projects of this type, because in addition to being a monitoring center equipped with modern technological tools to ensure the safe travel of highway users, it was conceived and developed as a space for community use at the service of all residents from the region. It includes event plazas, restaurants, parking lots, offices available to the territory and areas for meetings and various social, economic, cultural and educational activities, with the aim of promoting sustainable development in southeast Antioquia.

Mazzanti’s design is inspired in the coffee farms of the region and features a highly visible red roof that makes it a reference point from the air. In addition to its leading edge technology, Plaza del Cauca incorporates self-sustainable features such as a high roof separated from the main building that offers a large shaded area with good air flow, as well as native species from the region that contribute shade and humidity, significantly reducing the need for mechanical refrigeration systems and energy consumption, to contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

Since its inauguration, it has hosted over 60 events carried out by the communities, local and regional administrations, the concession in charge of the project, companies from different industries and other entities, including forums, fairs, business rounds, band contests, farmer markets, training events, photography exhibitions and cultural events, which have promoted strengthening of the social fabric, transfer of knowledge and economic reactivation.

Its design foresees the development of a second stage involving the construction of a community garden, walkways, sports courts, green areas for group classes and games, and retail stands for farmer markets.

Read more about the award at: https://www.archdaily.co/co/979426/conoce-los-proyectos-ganadores-de-la-obra-del-ano-2022

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