Change of legal representatives

Medellin, September 30, 2019

Subject: Change of legal representatives

Odinsa S.A. informs that by decision of the Board of Directors of the company, Andrés Ortega Rezk, who currently serves as Vice-President of Airport Concessions, was designated as alternate legal representative.

Likewise, took place the appointment of Margarita Cecilia Meyer Arévalo, Carlos José Vásquez Villegas, Mónica María Hohl Calero and Gastón Alejandro Moraga Cerda, as legal representatives for judicial and administrative matters

Modification of credit conditions

Medellin, September 30, 2019

Subject: Modification of credit conditions

Odinsa S.A., reports that today renewed for a period of two (2) months, a loan granted by Banco Itaú Corpbanca Colombia S.A., worth fifteen million dollars (USD 15,000,000), with a rate equivalent to the Bank Reference Indicator – IBR + a spread. This loan has been used by the Company as working capital and for attend treasury needs.

Also, to cover the risk of the exchange rate in this credit, Odinsa signed a Forward agreement with Corficolombiana, whose term expires on December 2 of 2019.

The renewed credit was duly and previously approved by the Board of Directors and does not mean increases in the level of indebtedness of the Company.

Company ́s Bylaws Reform

Medellin, September 26, 2019

Subject: Company ́s Bylaws Reform

Odinsa S.A. informs that, based on the decision adopted by the General Assembly of Shareholders in extraordinary session held on August 26 of this year, the partial reform of the company’s bylaws has been solemnized through the Public Deed No. 3168 of September 26, 2019, granted in the Fifth Notary (5th) of the Notary circle of Medellin.

Issuer’s financial situations

Medellin, September 24, 2019

Subject: Issuer’s financial situations

Odinsa S.A. informs that today was disbursed a loan worth $ thirteen million one hundred fifty thousand dollars (USD $ 13,150,000), whose creditor is the company Quiport Holdings S.A. has a term of one (1) year, and a period of grace of six (6) months and a 4% annual rate.

This loan is part of the “Cash Out” process towards its shareholders that the Quiport Corporation is doing, after having achieved the issuance of a bond in the international market for USD 400 million in March of this year.