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Odinsa and its Malla Vial del Meta Concession made Sofia’s dream of seeing NASA come true

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  • Sofía Lopera Moya, from the municipality of Acacías, Meta, was chosen to be part of a group of 35 girls who will visit NASA’s Space Center in Houston, USA, and receive a five-month virtual academic immersion.
  • Odinsa and its Malla Vial del Meta Concession joined this initiative of the She is Foundation, which seeks to motivate and inspire girls across the country to be an example of female empowerment, and to promote sustainable development and innovation, along with social welfare and inclusive growth.
  • Selected girls and young women will have the opportunity to further their interest in pursuing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers, which are the jobs of the future.


July 6, 2022. In order to further contribute to developing and generating opportunities, Odinsa, a Grupo Argos concessions company, and its Malla Vial del Meta Concession, partnered with the She Is Foundation to fulfill the dream of Sofía Lopera Moya, from Acacías, Meta, who will be able to visit the Space Center of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in Houston, USA.

Sofia, who is passionate about technology and the environment, will fulfill her dream of learning about space and science, technology, and robotic innovation, with the goal of becoming an aerospace engineer in the future.

In this regard, Mauricio Ossa, CEO of Odinsa, noted “in Odinsa, we are committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, that is why we are pleased to be part of this valuable initiative that contributes to empowering more and more girls and young women to achieve their goals“.

This program lasts 5 months and will provide training in areas such as: leadership dynamics and webinars with astronauts, talks with women leaders in the area, a meeting with the CEO of the Space Center and high-impact speakers. After this, the girls will travel to Texas and visit NASA for 5 days in August, where they will receive a curriculum and syllabus, conduct training activities, interact with astronauts and graduate from one of the largest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning centers in the world at NASA’s Space Center.

In addition to learning about the latest technology simulators, the girls will meet with female astronauts, engineers, and mathematicians, among other important scientists, which will help broaden their vision of leadership and empowerment from the role of women in science.


With the ” She’s an Astronaut” program, the She Is Foundation seeks to empower the participating girls to become agents of change that will allow them to transform their environments, empower themselves and become leaders in their communities, as well as multipliers and spokespersons for opportunities in each of their territories.

In this edition, more than 3,500 girls participated in a series of tests and interviews. Of these, 35 girls and young women from 21 departments and 32 municipalities were selected and are already in the process of being trained on space programs and aeronautical research currently being developed by NASA.

Along with Sofia will be Valentina Freile Parra from Engativá in Bogotá, who is sponsored by Opain, the concession that operates El Dorado International Airport and is also part of Odinsa’s portfolio.




For additional information contact:

Viviana Arroyave, Communications Director of Odinsa / / 317 6469218

Eliana Villada, Communications Coordinator / / 3012505559

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