Withholdings Certificate

Follow these steps to download your withholdings certificate

Odinsa - Paso 1

Click on the following link:

Odinsa - Paso 2

Enter your tax ID (NIT) with no periods, commas or verification digit.

The portal will display the e-mail address registered in the Company’s database.

Odinsa-Correct Email
Odinsa - Paso 4

After you click on Correct E-mail, the system will send you an access code to your e-mail, which will be valid for 2 hours.

If the e-mail address is incorrect, click on Incorrect E-mail and update the supplier registration form.

When you have finished updating the information, an e-mail will be sent to the area responsible for updating your information. Afterwards, you will receive an e-mail to inform you that your information has been updated, which will enable you to download your certificates.