In Odinsa, we aim to create shared value for our stakeholders by managing all our projects and impacts in a responsible manner; fostering peoples’ development, competitiveness and connection; managing risks and taking advantage of opportunities.

We shape the organization sustainable management based on four principles:

Autopistas del Café


We have implemented a new proposal for value generation and business responsible management, based on sound corporate governance and sustainability guidelines, as a source of competitiveness. Sustainability, as part of the strategy, allows us to promote the generation of shared value for our stakeholders and for the company.

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One of the pillars of shared value generation is building trustworthy relationships our stakeholders; therefore, integrity, transparency, participation and respect for human rights are premises of our relationship.

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Materiality We conducted a materiality analysis in 2017. This analysis led us to prioritize the most relevant issues in terms of risk and opportunity management. Through conversations with our stakeholders, we identified the economic, social and environmental matters in which we must work with greater focus to ensure shared value generation.

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Corporate Governance

We implement the highest standards of corporate governance in line with our parent company, Grupo Argos, and our Board of Directors’ guidelines.

Our corporate governance model, which was established by the Code of Good Governance, sets the parameters to structure, promote and disseminate the best social practices.

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Board of Directors

Ethics and Transparency

Our central focus is on the integrity principle, which is understood as an accountable, honest, upright, reliable, transparent and in line with the law and internal policies action.

We have a zero-tolerance principle towards fraud, bribery and corruption; therefore, we implemented the best practices to effectively combat these activities.

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Risks Risk management enables us to make informed decisions that favor value preservation and generation in the industry in order to fulfil those commitments made with our stakeholders.

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Headquarters Odinsa Bogotá

Talent Management Our talent is the key factor in achieving the organizational Objectives. It is the engine that allows things to happen.

The four attributes that make up Odinsas’s culture are as follows: we improve balance, we always learn, we make our mark and we are the best option. They are values that increase agility, flexibility and teamwork, and challenge us to be the best version of ourselves.

Therefore, we aim to make this company the best option to work at: we attract, develop and retain the best talent, we generate loyalty that builds a corporate culture based on:

Collaborative work as main source of knowledge-building

Innovation as a differentiating factor to make our mark where we operate.

Leadership that inspires and motivates people to achieve great business challenges and experience.

We are convinced of the importance of consolidating a team that can set a balance between being, knowing and doing, the three key dimensions for achieving personal satisfaction, productivity and competitiveness.

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Odinsa Colaborators


We value biodiversity as a collective natural wealth that we must preserve, reason why we identify and manage impacts on biodiversity at all stages of the projects. During the structuring stage, we study the intervention zones ensuring that places of great value for fauna and flora are being protected; during the construction of works, we prevent, mitigate and offset the ecosystems intervention and, in the operation, we promote biodiversity as an attraction to favor tourism that is responsible to the ecosystems and local natural wealth-related dynamics.

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Fauna, Falconry, Mariscal Sucre Airport

Water Treatment, Mariscal Sucre Airport


We see water conservation as a matter of vital importance thus ensuring that the implementation of our projects is compatible with sustainable development models. Proper management of water resources not only ensures the execution of efficient and resilient long-term mobility projects but also the availability of this resource for our stakeholders.

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The efficient use of natural resourc¬es, the identification of opportunities to use and obtain value from waste and controlled management of materials from their source to their disposal are fundamental ways to prevent addi¬tional impact on resources, changes in soil quality and negative effects on health

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Waste management plant at El Dorado Airport

Solar panels, El Dorado International Airport.

Energy and Carbon Emissions

we are committed to developing an intelligent, sustainable and resilient-to-climate infrastructure in order to improve balance, respond to the climate change challenges and take advantage of the opportunities offered by intelligent mobility.

Strengthening and monitoring our emissions allow us to know our impacts and have the information we need to make decisions on emission reduction and offsetting plans.

In terms of airport concessions, the ACA has acknowledged us for our efforts towards emissions measurement and reduction, our objective is to achieve neutrality.

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Road Safety

Our commitment with highway safety is embodied in the structuring, construction and operation of top-quality projects and services, where the protection of life and safety is of prime importance.

For that reason, we focus our strategies on promoting highway culture, preventing accidents, identifying critical points, and taking advantage of technology to contribute to the safe mobility of our users and employees.

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Operations Control Center, Autopistas del Café, Colombia

El Dorado International Airport

Occupational Safety and Health

We prioritize life and safety as a necessary condition to achieve sustainable results. For this reason, we develop projects with safe environments that allow our stakeholders to protect their lives and preserve their health.

We promote a self-care culture that favors risk management, by preventing and minimizing incidents and occupational diseases related to unsafe acts and conditions in each of the activities and stages of projects.

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Odinsa and their filiates priorizate life and health the employees, suppliers and contractors by implementing diverse strategies that seek to promote a self-care culture that will reduce work accidents rates. These strategies are based identification, investigation and assesstment of occupational hazards, Occupational Health and Safety culture promotion in the supply chain, implementation a occupational medicine program and carry out a diagnosis of psychosocial risk to all the employees´. We measure the frequency and severity index and set targets, because we are committed with physical and mental well being of all our employees´, and we believe that this commitment is crucial to achive sustainable results within our projects.
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WOur vision for the future is driving us toward a framework that transcends the construction and operation of physical infrastructure, towards identifying new business opportunities in “soft infrastructure”, developing capabilities to generate greater value for users, and increasing interaction to meet their needs.

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El Dorado Airport

Employee of Sodexo, an Odinsa supplier

Suppliers’ Management

Our suppliers and contractors are strategic allies that allow us to comply with contractual obligations, thus building and operating high-quality road and airport infrastructure projects in a safe manner.

Based on criteria that promote the supply chain sustainability, suppliers’ management allows us to prevent associated risks, save run time and costs, ensure greater administrative efficiency, strengthen institutional relations and our stakeholders’ trust.

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Relationship with Communities

We believe in the positive impact of road and airport infrastructures on the territories’ economic and social development; therefore, our purpose is to continue improving balance by managing our impact and to leave a mark allying ourselves to local development.

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Apparel workshop La Bocana, Conexión Pacífico 2, Colombia

Information Desk at the El Dorado International Airport

User Satisfaction

In Odinsa, we are committed to provide our users with a safe and efficient infrastructure to allow them having the best travel experience.

The transport infrastructure is a means to facilitate the delivery of goods and services that promote people’s economic growth, traveling and connection; therefore, a road and airport infrastructure that is well designed, planned, and operated can be translated into connectivity, growth, competitiveness and development.

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