Granting of endorsements, bonds, guarantees in favor of third parties

Medellin, July 25, 2019

Subject: Granting of endorsements, bonds, guarantees in favor of third parties

Odinsa S.A. informs that today, prior authorization of the Board of Directors, through the subscription of a promissory note up to thirty-five million US dollars (USD 35,000,000), endorsed a loan from its subsidiary Odinsa Holding Inc. Loan for the same value granted by Banco de Bogota, wich purpose is to refinance previous credits to optimize the capital structure, in the development of road and and airport infrastructure projects outside the country.


Decisions by the Board of Directors

Medellin, July 23, 2019

Subject: Decisions by the Board of Directors

Odinsa S.A. informs that the Board of Directors in its ordinary session authorized to increase the authorized amount for loans or operations with related companies, up to one hundred forty-seven million US dollars (USD 147,000,000) or its equivalent in Colombian pesos. The modified amount was aproved in session of December 10, 2018 and published as Information Relevant that same day.


Odinsa highlighted management of Autopistas del Café in the first half of 2019

  • The concession closed the first half of the year with a positive balance and traffic of over 5 million vehicles.
  • At this point in 2019, over 100,000 people have visited its user assistance centers (Tambos) and just over 3,600 travelers used their assistance services.
  • Autopistas del Café also reported progress in Addendum 20 with the start of works and completion of some designs.

Medellín, July 22, 2019. Grupo Argos’s concession company Odinsa highlighted the performance of Autopistas del Café’s operations and indicated that thanks to its user-focused efforts, it attained a positive balance in the first half of 2019, contributing to regional connectivity and strengthening the Coffee Belt as one of the main road networks in Colombia.

With regard to infrastructure, Odinsa indicated that the concession made progress in the materialization of works stipulated in Addendum 20, which was signed in 2018, emphasizing that some of the studies and designs described therein have been completed. These include the nine pedestrian bridges in Playa Rica and Guacarí in Risaralda; stabilizing the embankment at K24+380 in Valle del Cauca; and the intersections in El Caimo district, La Tebaida and Filandia municipality in Quindío, standing at 50% works completion. Additionally, installation of the El Rosario Pedestrian Bridge located in the Chinchiná – La Manuela Highway in Manizales, which will be operation in the third quarter of the year.

Moreover, other services intended to provide users with a good experience include the Tambos, or user assistance centers, which have become tourist landmarks, because they are spaces where visitors can enjoy beautiful landscapes and the coffee culture, as well as free services such as bathrooms, telephones, parking, Internet and cafeterias. In the first half of the year, over 100,000 visitors enjoyed these four Tambos: El Edén in Armenia; El Privilegio in Santa Rosa de Cabal; Jardín Filandia and La Manuela in Manizales. 

In addition, the concession renewed its mobile application to provide tourists and locals alike a more personalized experience: Autopistas del Café. With the app, users can search for road conditions in real time and get information about tourist attractions, request assistance if needed, and get discounts at restaurants located along the highway.

 “We are excited to see how Autopistas del Café continues to support regional connectivity with its timely services, the execution of top-quality projects, contributions to social development, and generation of positive experiences for its users,” said Mauricio Ossa, CEO of Odinsa. 

With regard to its social and environmental management, which constitutes a fundamental pillar for Autopistas del Café, and in line with Odinsa policies, in the first half of the year the concession engaged in various activities, including trainings and workshops focused on road safety for over 1000 children from 22 schools; reforestation of 25 hectares with 27,500 trees planted to protect the source of the Quindío River; and the construction of 250 individual septic systems in Manizales, Pereira, Santa Rosa, Circasia, Salento and Filandia.

Furthermore, in order to promote road safety and facilitate user mobility, the concession, together with the Highway Police, provided 1500 sessions for training, support and preventive highway plans to raise awareness among users about this important topic.

“In the second half of the year we will continue working together with our shareholder Odinsa to promote regional connectivity, encouraging safe mobility, strengthening our services and implementing technological improvements that provide an excellent experience to the users that travel through one of Colombia’s most representative regions,” said Autopistas del Café’s Manager, Mauricio Vega.

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Odinsa reported a successful first half of the year at Conexión Pacífico 2, as well as 73% works completion.

  • Conexión Pacífico 2 made steady progress during the first half of 2019, attaining major milestones such as the inauguration of its second functional unit and completion of digging at the Mulatos Tunnel.
  • The project’s completion rate reached 73%, which is 9% more than what was projected in the timetable negotiated with the ANI. 

Medellín, July 18, 2019 – Odinsa, a Grupo Argos concessions company, reported a positive balance on its Pacífico 2 project at the end of the first half of 2019. The fourth-generation project, with 96.5 kilometers of road, will help connect Colombia’s northern region with Antioquia, the Coffee Belt and the Pacific region, and promote competitiveness in the country. Positive results were reported regarding mobility, operations, construction and social and environmental management.

So far this year, the project has contributed to the connectivity of 1,270,492 vehicles that traveled on the Pacífico 2 roads and made use of nearly 5,000 portfolio services offered by the concession holder to contribute to safe mobility. Also under the same line of promoting self-care, Odinsa hosted 50 road safety workshops with the participation of 7,070 users as well as the project’s neighboring communities.

Regarding works completion, the outlook is even more positive, with the project reaching 73%, or 9% more than what was projected in the timetable negotiated with the ANI. A major highlight was the official inauguration of Functional Unit 1, which completes 2 of the 5 roads that comprise this project. The inaugurated works include 14 kilometers of a two-lane highway between La Pintada and Puente Iglesias, 3 kilometers of single-lane road at La Pintada, and the Puente Iglesias intersection. 

Added to this was the completion of the Mulatos Tunnel, which crosses the rocky wall in the municipality of Tarso. This milestone, which was achieved thanks to the efforts of over 480 people and state-of-the-art technology, is very significant in the world of engineering because it represents the merger of the various tunnel tube excavation fronts, enabling circulation from one side of the tunnel to the other.

We are very satisfied with Conexión Pacífico 2’s management. This project continues to materialize its purpose of contributing to the region’s connectivity and social and economic strength” asserted Mauricio Ossa, president of Odinsa and majority shareholder of Pacífico 2.

In matters of sustainability, in line with Odinsa’s policies and reaffirming its commitment with generating progress in the region, the concession holder in charge of the project developed various programs and activities related to social and environmental issues in the first few months of the year. Notable among them were 7 productive initiatives that provide self-management tools for household economies and foster employment in the southwest, directly benefiting 60 families, which in turn, generate sources of income for another 71 families.

Finally, with regard to environmental management, we should note the implementation of 20 Fauna Steps: rescue and relocation of nearly 150 wild animals, reforestation of 3 hectares, and starting the reforestation of 7 others, as well as progress in the water conservation program which protects the three most important watersheds in the region: Cartama, Piedras and Mulatos.

In the second half of the year we continued working with quality, expediency and under high standards of sustainability, incorporating the experience and best practices of our shareholders Odinsa and El Cóndor, which allow us to deliver a positive balance of our efforts today” stated Gustavo Bernal, Manager of La Pintada, concession holder in charge of Pacífico 2.

More about Pacífico 2 and its management:

This fourth-generation project (4G), operated by La Pintada concession, has an investment of over 1.3 trillion pesos for the construction of 42.5 km of new roads, 2.5 kilometers of double tube tunnel, 54 kilometers of rehabilitated roads and 42 bridges distributed over 5 sections or functional units.

See works completion video 

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