Sustitución garantías

Odinsa S.A. informs that today the guarantees within the financing of its subsidiary Concesión Vial de los Llanos S.A.S. (the “Dealership”) were replaced, as well as the movable guarantees granted and registered were modified. This financing was obtained by the Concessionaire through a bridge loan with Itaú Corpbanca S.A., for an amount of ONE HUNDRED TWENTY BILLION PESOS (COP 120,000,000,000), signed on May 27, 2022 (the “Financing”).

The substitution of guarantees and movable guarantees corresponds to the obligation of Odinsa S.A. to support the Concessionaire changed from 80.996% to 41% (including the shareholding in Concesión Vial de los Llanos S.A.S. of its subsidiaries Odinsa Servicios S.A.S. and Odinsa Proyectos e Inversiones S.A.) The foregoing, in accordance with the authorization previously issued by its Board Directive and as reported through the relevant information mechanism on May 4, 2022.

Odinsa S.A. in its capacity as shareholder, replaced the following guarantees:

I. A security interest contract on the shares that he currently owns in the Concessionaire, which have a book value of COP$4,049,998,000, as of May 4, 2022.
II. A security interest contract on the subordinated debt that the shareholders of the Concessionaire have granted to it, up to its percentage of participation in The Concession, equivalent to 41%; Y
III. Two guarantees to guarantee each of the promissory notes granted by the Concessionaire, for up to 41% of the total amount to be paid, equivalent to its participation and the participation of its subsidiaries Odinsa Servicios S.A.S. and Odinsa PI S.A., that is, up to a value of COP$49,200,000,000.
The resources from the Financing will be used to start the construction of works, while the definitive financing of the Malla Vial del Meta project is obtained. This project includes the construction and improvement of 267.4 kilometers of roads and other necessary works, with an investment of COP 1.58 billion, which will strengthen the connectivity of the Villavicencio-Granada and Villavicencio-Puerto Gaitán corridors, as well as the extension of the Villavicencio Road Ring.